Items addressed:

1.) Deacon Ron Boyer, please lead us in an introductory prayer
2.) Tell me a little about your childhood and early education.
3.) I understand that you met your wife, Sheila, at the Residential School. Tell me more about how you two met. Can you tell me what your first impression was of Sheila?
4.) You were married in the Chapel of this very same school. Tell me a little bit about your wedding.
5.) Your wife, Sheila, is from a different nation than yourself. Looking back through the years, what sort of impact do you think this had on your life?
6.) You spent many years travelling for the cause of Saint Kateri and have contributed greatly to the religious community as well as the Native community. Could you tell me more about what motivated you to do this work?
7.) You have an MA in Theology and were ordained to the Diaconate, tell us about your inspiration that led you to this difficult challenge.
8.) You are a man of great faith who has done great works. I would like you to tell me about your faith.
9.) More specifically, I would like you to tell me a little bit about Saint Kateri, in your own words, about what she has brought to your life and work.
10.) You have had a very active life, have made great contributions to church and society and witnessed significant historical events. Which events stand out the most when you look back on your life? Tell me a little about these events.
- Knights of Columbus
- Kateri Hall
- Queen’s Medal
- Oka crisis: Church implication
- Canonization events
- Canadian Bible Society
- Kateri magazine
- Residential Schools
- Priests who influenced your life
- Death
- Life as an Iron Worker
- Restaurative Justice
11.) I think one of the most interesting things about your work; to me at least, is the peculiar marriage of Christian faith and traditional Native spirituality/spiritualties in practice. Explain to me, if you will, how both of these facets of your identity interact (and how they affect your work). If you can give me specific examples, they would be of great value.
12.) You have six beautiful children. If there is one simple message that you hope you have passed on to them, what would that be?
13.) Looking into the future, what are some of your hopes for Native communities in Canada?
14.) I would ask you please, in closing, to lead a prayer in your native tongue.
This interview lasted 2 hours and is available on our own youTube channel: www.youTube.com/katericenter

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